About Nuntempa

Formed in 2012, Nuntempa consists of four Birmingham Conservatoire students with a particular interest in performing contemporary music. Their inaugural concert was a performance of Alvin Curran’s VSTO as part of Frontiers+ in 2013. The players have worked together and individually performing a range of contemporary music including performances at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and Supersonic festival. They have performed with bands, experimental musicians and sound artists, and continue to work with Birmingham Conservatoire’s composition students and Thallein Ensemble. Individual master classes include Blazej Maliszewski, Garth Knox, Katherine Yates, Yair Kless, and Thomas Zehatmair. Nuntempa have been coached by Susanne Stanzeleit (Edinburgh Quartet/Maggini Quartet) and the Nevarra Quartet, and have recently studied with the Wihan Quartet as part of ProCorda. Forthcoming performances include St Martin’s in the Bull Ring and Wigmore Hall.

Violins: Sarah Farmer/Naomi Hodson
Viola: Eileen Smith
Cello: Sara Gale


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